It’s been a while since we last posted a blog and I’m sure you’re the same in thinking this Covid business is outstaying its welcome! Back in the Spring, we were sure it was going to be a blip but as we are now all too aware, that was not the case, it’s back again and the fallout is huge.

Business-wise, it’s tough but we’re still here and for that, we count our blessings especially when some small (and large) businesses have had to give in. That is a real tragedy. Insignia has been around for nearly 30 years and many would say that in itself is a success. We’ve had a lot of success over the years, but what does that mean now? There are many successful businesses that for no fault of their own have been devoured by this virus, lack of trade whether through lockdown rulings, through lack of supply and sadly due to illness or worse.

It’s easy to get dragged into the mire, the self-defeating black hole, so we decided to look at where success really lies. We could include a lovely home, a good business, a nice car but these could go at any time, so we have chosen to focus on the real successes in our lives at Insignia. Here’s where we are really blessed.

A funny, loving and witty family.
Friendships that have lasted a lifetime.
A great sense of humour (obviously).
Colleagues (friends) who understand the situation and don’t gripe and moan but help ease the burden.
Four-legged friends and our health.

Our aim is not to depress, but our aim is to show that despite everything that is going on and where the business may suffer if we look there is so much to appreciate. The list above highlights our real successes – people!

Embrace those around you (if they’re in your bubble), listen to uplifting Podcasts, tell jokes, laugh as often as you can and smile – always (even if sometimes it’s hard), the person on the other end of that smile will feel on top of the world and that will be thanks to you.

So that we all finish on a smile we have a Covid related joke for you….

“Out shopping earlier there was a guy buying 5 cases of San Miguel, 10 Packs of Paella Rice, 10 Chorizo and 6 Sombreros? Then I realised, he was Hispanic buying”!!!!

Keep Smiling….. from the Insignia Team