Is your branding really that important?

Is the above a question you have been asking yourself?

We all question why we do things in everyday life, but when it comes to your branding there is only one answer and that is YES, it is important and for many reasons.

As you will notice we have just gone through a re-branding ourselves.  Now, whilst we loved our ‘Dog’ logo, we also felt that maybe we weren’t being taken seriously enough.  Now don’t get me wrong we are not serious people, we are friendly (and might I add professional and helpful) and like to have a laugh like the next person, but in any industry, you are selling yourself before anybody even takes a look at what you have to sell.  

There were many factors that we had to take into consideration.  We wanted it to grab attention and make a strong first impression and as the logo will be the foundation of our brand identity it needed to be memorable and separate us from our competitors.  We feel we have done that as our new blue and gold brings a classic, classy feel to our logo and hope we feel approachable.

If you have just re-branded and want to shout about it by using branded merchandise then we would be happy to help.  Branded merchandise plays an important part in today’s highly competitive world.  You can increase your audience reach easily with merchandise that has your company’s logo and other brand-related visual identities.  

Branded merchandise functions like your business card, which you would give to a client while meeting for the first time. Your brand could then be sitting on their desk or used frequently like a nice pen, rather than being placed in a draw and forgotten about.  By distributing products free to people, you are letting thousands of them know about your company for the first time.  What is printed on the products can be just as important as the actual product – information like your company website and contact details should be on there where possible for easy contact.


Marketers use branded merchandise or Promotional Products strategically also to win customer’s loyalty.  Various surveys have revealed that an overwhelming majority of customers who receive branded merchandise are most likely to purchase from that brand in the future. I have an example – my son buys a certain protein shake and the first time he purchased from the company, they sent him some free socks with their brand on. We are now a year down the line and he still purchases from them and even buys the socks he has received free a few times.  It does work, you just have to be aware of what would suit your brand and who your target market is, as well as ensuring the product is of high enough quality. The quality of the product will be associated with what you are selling, even if its a service.

We appreciate that small businesses are concerned about restricted budgets, so they need to look for cost-effective means to generate more brand awareness.  The cost of buying some merchandise branded with their logo to give away would be much lower than compared to budgets spent on digital or billboard ads.  Merchandise will also give you more value for money as the product stays with your customer for a long time as opposed to a quick glance once!

Businesses can easily make branded merchandise their integral part of marketing. You could build a stock of the items that you already give away. But have the products of daily use such as water bottles, T-shirts, hoodies, a variety of apparel for men, women, and kids, and all sorts of freebies that you normally hand out to customers. If you offer the merchandise in one bag to a customer, then you can give the products in reusable bags. But if you give merchandise in multiple bags, offer the reusable bags to them as a bonus gift or sell at a throwaway price. These bags earn you the benefits of customer loyalty and brand awareness. You can also brand your office supplies, such as pens, stationery, and staplers, etc.

It has been found that companies have to spend five times more to attract new customers as compared to the money they spend to keep an existing customer. So, the cost of acquiring a new customer is huge for a small business. But, here, branded merchandise can help. Since merchandise with your logo and a motivational slogan makes a personalised product, it connects your business with the new customers at an emotional level. These personalised and tangible products are very effective in attracting new customers at a lower cost.

Whilst we are happy to sell products that a consumer wants, we are also very keen on products that are recycled, recyclable and certified responsibility. We are keen to do as little damage as possible to the planet, to treat customers, employees and suppliers fairly and run the business in an ethical way.

We look forward to helping you achieve new heights with your existing or new logos and slogans in the very near future.