2021 is the year to make your Brand Sustainable

There is no better time to promote your brand’s eco-credentials, given the enormous efforts globally to reduce carbon emissions and reduce waste.  The world is, unfortunately, drowning in landfill sites and in 2016 just over 174 Wembley Stadiums full of UK waste was sent to landfill, which is an incredible 15.7 million tonnes.

Below are some ways to start building a greener footprint for your business:-

Brand recognition is key, but whilst distributing your promotional products you also want to make then environmentally friendly. Make sure they are products people will actually use and not end up adding to the waste. Products that are durable such as water bottles, mugs, pencils, pens, reusable face masks and a big favourite is the tote bag. The more people want to be seen with the products, the more your brand logo will be seen.

As mentioned environmentally products are the way forward to transform your brands sustainability, so try switching to biodegradable materials, which are kind to the environment. This would also encourage more people to take the products home and use them as they know they won’t have a negative impact on the environment – ensure the product is branded with ‘recycled / biodegradable’. The materials could include, bamboo, pencil cases made from recycled plastic bottles or tyres, cardboard pens & pencils – there is a wide variety of environmentally friendly materials now available, so the time for change is now.

By changing to fair trade and eco-friendly materials, your brand becomes instantly more attractive by improving the environment, not only for nature but also for the workers that make them. Fair Trade companies pay their workers a proper salary. As a cotton T-shirt takes up to 3000 gallons of water to make, why not make the switch to eco-cotton T-Shirts, which uses much less?

Promote gifts like reusable water bottles and tote bags that will be used for years to come and shows that your brand supports sustainability. This is excellent brand awareness and encourages others to create a more sustainable environment.

If at all possible support local manufacturers – choose to buy British. This is a powerful tag for environmentally aware brands and helps to reduce the impact and carbon emissions by avoiding airfreight. This would also reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Speak to us today about your new mission for 2021 – more sustainability!